cultural appropriation. they love everything about us but us.
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keep in mind many men don’t really like women, they like the high regard afforded them by other men when seen with a certain kind of woman. they like the confirmations of their masculinity and sexual prowess when engaging physically with a woman, and they like…


Kelis & Janelle Monae

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This could be us but you playin’ 

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Kanye West and Common have teamed up with the Chicago Urban League to help create 20,000 jobs for their native city’s youth.

Common spoke about the city’s vast employment problems at a press conference announcing the team up: “Obviously, one of the biggest reasons our kids are going through what they’re going through is because of poverty. I was doing an event in the neighbourhood and there were some kids from Englewood and I said, ‘Man, what do y’all really need? What’s gonna stop this?’ And they were like, ‘We need money. Man, if we could work.’ They want a chance.”

It’s always to great thing to see two Chicago natives give back to their community!

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white people literally caused the worst epidemic in human history because they didn’t bathe enough and then have the audacity to say Muslims are dirty while Islam has required its believers to wash themselves five times a day for 1400 YEARS


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every girl got that laid back hoe outfit. where it’s casual enough to look like you just in your crib but sexual enough to have his dick like woah



Back when Daddy used to talk about Mama, he said she was so pretty, she never even had to turn on the stove. She’d just walk into the room and all the water starts to boil.


Life Goals.

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